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CCTPA: Implementing the National Procurement Strategy

How the latest technology can help drive economic growth, community wellbeing and the transition to carbon net zero:

At their heart, public services ensure that people stay safe and healthy, that they have the freedom and resources to learn and thrive, and that the places where they live and work are clean, sustainable and connected. As a result, public sector bodies are increasingly focusing on the environmental impact of their services, alongside the social and economic impacts, and what actions the sector can take to address the climate crisis.

At their fireside chat session last Tuesday at the Public Sector Show, Richard Hallewell and Andy Burns of the CIPFA CPRAS Technology Procurement Association (CCTPA) addressed some of the ways that the latest frontier technology can drive in terms of cost savings, greener solutions and innovative service delivery in public sector procurement.

Technology is advancing at such pace that it can be hard enough just to keep up with developments - never mind having to work out how to bring this to the benefit of wider society.

Discussion in the session included how technology can reduce both the time organisations spend on procurement processes and the risks associated with the tender process, and how frontier technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence or machine learning be realistically and practically applied to transform procurement.

CCTPA are taking the discussion further on 15 July with a free webinar at 9.30 to 10.30am exploring technology and procurement in the public sector within the context of the National Procurement Strategy. This free event will explore how high-tech can help public sector bodies achieve their goals to deliver better outcomes for the citizens and communities they serve. It is a great opportunity to engage with the issues and understand the opportunities and the risks.

Speakers will include CCTPA’s Marcus Baxby, Director, and Richard Hallewell, Chief Executive, with other speakers to be confirmed. This is truly a time for the public sector to come together, collaborate and share best practice, and to make use of this new technology for public good. Here is where we start that conversation.

CCTPA webinar

LIVE WEBINAR: Implementing the National Procurement Strategy: how the latest technology can help drive economic growth, community wellbeing and the transition to carbon net zero, 15 July, 9.30 to 10.30am