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Forecasting the Future of Work & Estates: Debating the Next Steps

On November 10th 2020, the Smart Estates and Workforce Virtual Summit finished the day with a roundtable panel featuring: 

  • Malcolm Watson, Head of Assurance, Estates (ICF) & Security at Crown Commercial Service 
  • Kate Guthrie, Deputy Director Workplace Experience & Smarter Working Programme Director at Government Property Agency
  • Kate Richardson, Head of National Office Programme at NHS Property Services
  • Naomi Cooke, Head of Workforce at Local Government Association

The roundtable discussed the future of work and estates, as well as debated what the next steps are. 

This roundtable will discuss: 

  • How the pandemic will change risk planning?
  • How can organisations bounce back in a smarter way and not the old norm? 
  • How the current situation is not 'smart working'
  • Cultural changes for Smart Working as not everyone has extra space to work at home