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Future of Work - Where do we go from here?

On November 10th 2020, the Smart Estates and Workforce Virtual Summit welcomed Siobhan Brynes, Regional Director EMEA at MovePlan. She presented on the future of work. 

Siobhan has been in the workplace industry for 20 years, starting off in space planning focusing on financial corporates. She later moved into the world of change and move management. MovePlan helps organisations across the globe manage the challenges of workplace change, from zero-downtime relocations and space optimisation, to change management and workplace strategies.

In this session Siobhan will cover:

  • Where we are today and where we are going 
  • Looking into the future of the workplace and beyond the office
  • What steps are needed to get to that future and how internal data can help up get there
  • How to review our changes and test if they are fit for purpose