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The MSc in Healthcare Facilities

Health is the largest sector of the global economy, and the role of healthcare premises has become more significant than ever. This year, the National NHS Estates conference will focus on the theme 'Building a Smarter, Greener Healthcare Estate with Community at its Centre'. The conference aims to provide a platform to discuss how to transform NHS estates to better meet the financial, operational and clinical demands of staff and patients.


To address the global needs for efficient healthcare facilities, The Bartlett School of Sustainable Construction UCL offers the MSc Healthcare Facilities programme and the shorter alternative degrees, Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip) and Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert). The programme is delivered in a modular-flexible mode, taking up to 5 years. Each module is delivered through one-week block teaching (one week in campus). For the PG Dip candidates need to complete eight modules (eight weeks in campus) while for the PG Cert four modules (four weeks in campus, up to two years). This programme is designed for healthcare and built environment professionals to learn about the challenges facing healthcare real estate provision and operation in the 21st century.

Led by Dr Evangelia Chrysikou, who is the chair of the National NHS Estates conference 2023, the MSc Healthcare Facilities programme is the only multidisciplinary programme available in the UK and abroad that provides a university degree on healthcare buildings, their planning, management, and design. The MSc combines generally applicable modules on buildings and real estate with modules specifically focused on the area of healthcare buildings provision.

Upon completing the programme, students will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to pursue an impactful and rewarding career in the sectors related to healthcare environments, such as healthcare architecture, planning, construction, or in the capital/estates and facilities departments of healthcare services. Moreover, attending the programme offers students an opportunity to build a unique network with their international peers and tutors in UCL, London's Global University. Graduates have gone to secure employment with the NHS, the European Investment Bank (EIB), and companies like EY and healthcare architecture and planning firms.  

The two student stories below provide distinct perspectives on their experiences in the MSc Healthcare Facilities programme.

Anika Rahman, an alumna from the MSc Healthcare Facilities, shared her journey towards enrolling the programme. After attending the UCL postgraduate open days and the programme’s workshop, she was fascinated on how architecture could be combined with healthcare and decided to apply for the course straight away.

As someone who had already worked for the NHS, Anika learned a lot about the built environment as well as the clinical sector from the programme. She was awarded a distinction and given the distinguished Ann Noble Award for her research dissertation in ‘Healthcare Revolution: the Role of Robotics’. Anika is currently working as a Redevelopment Healthcare Planning Assistant for Imperial College Healthcare Trust.

Anika said: This course contributed to my career growth as it opened up many opportunities for me. I can use this degree to apply for advanced roles in the future.”

Amanda Maunders, another alumna from the programme, discussed her study journey whilst working as a Healthcare Planner Manager in the NHS. Amanda recognized the importance of obtaining a formal qualification in healthcare or estate management and was motivated to pursue the programme after attending some short courses led by the programme leader, Dr Evangelia Chrysikou.

She faced challenges in balancing her full-time job and the MSc workload, particularly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic when she had to work long hours. But thanks to the support from her workplace and the School, she was able to manage her study and complete the coursework.

Amanda said: “As a mature student with many years of experience working for the NHS, I also had a lot to offer the class. We often worked collaboratively and all took something away from each other that will benefit us in the future. On top of this, I can say I have made lifelong friends.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the MSc Healthcare Facilities, you can visit the programme website here.

Learn more about the NHS Estate at the National NHS Estates Conference on 19th April 2023 at etc.venues St. Paul's. This pivotal strategy and networking conference offers a leading platform to discuss how to transform NHS estates to better meet the financial, operational and clinical demands of staff and patients. Complimentary tickets are available to the NHS and public sector, find out more here

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