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Preparing for the Future of Procurement in Public Sector

Public sector organisations are facing exacerbated challenges and uncertainty following the COVID-19 crisis. In order to maintain and provide quality services, these organisations are rethinking their processes and embracing new technologies.

In this seminar, recorded as part of the Public Sector Show virtual summitthe team from DocuSign and their guests, Swansea Council, explore how public sector organisations can automate and simplify key processes so they can focus on what really matters, not paperwork.

Watch in full here:

Key learnings:
  • How priorities for public sector have changed
  • Why technology is crucial to adapt to a changing landscape
  • The benefits of using DocuSign for a public sector customer




Steven McShane

Lee Morgan

Neraj Karwal-1 Gary Crowe
Steven McShane
Public Sector Director
Lee Morgan
Category Manager, Procurement
Swansea Council
Neraj Karwal
Principal Solutions
Gary Crowe
Account Director, Local Government