Your Sector Checkpoint: How your department can assess their progress on Blended Learning

In September 2020, the Office for Students launched a major review of digital teaching and learning across the higher education sector, considering how digital technology is being used to deliver remote education and how high-quality digital teaching and learning can be delivered more sustainably in the future.

Now is the time for universities to evaluate, review and enhance the quality of their online teaching provision. Below, we take a look at why the Blended Learning in Higher Education Online Conference on the 4th and 5th November, provides the perfect opportunity for to universities to assess their progress made on blended learning delivery. 

Ensure high quality provision in blended learning teaching across your department

This online conference offers the opportunity to evaluate what impactful online teaching looks like, and how you can successfully make the transition to being an effective online teacher. Jisc will be on hand to offer practical tools, tips and guidance in their interactive sessions to help you increase student engagement and enthusiasm amongst your students.

Gain practical insights from those leading the way in delivering transformational online programmes

In our interactive panel discussion, teaching and learning leaders representing the University of Portsmouth, Anglia Ruskin University, Coventry University and the University of Manchester will evaluate what the pandemic has taught them about online teaching so far and share how they have delivered newly blended learning designed courses targeted to the specific needs of the online learner.

Ensure you are well-equipped to measure student performance following Covid-19

There is no doubt that in recent months universities have had to make the transition from emergency online teaching to establish impactful courses which are fit for the “new normal”. It is therefore imperative that you are designing new approaches to assessment with the world of blended learning and online teaching at its core. The Association for Learning Technology will offer practical insights on how universities can build a more holistic picture of student’s skills through blended assessment.

Meet the needs of your students through effective blended learning

Courses must be redesigned and adapted to ensure they maximise student outcomes through blended learning. To help you with this, the University of Exeter will share their journey to designing an effective online curriculum, and outline the importance of utilising a pedagogical evidence base and co-creation with students to develop blended learning courses which are more accessible and enhance student retention and wellbeing.

Structured e-networking via a next generation conference platform

This conference will be hosted via the online platform Swapcard, the virtual events platform with the most advanced B2B matchmaking programme to facilitate detailed and structured networking with your peers. The Swapcard app makes it easy to connect with the right people in advance based on areas of interest and expertise, ensuring delegates can make the most of online networking opportunities.

This article was written by Rachel Crisp, Marketing Manager for Inside Government.