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How Mindwave & Thalamos use Tech to Help Mental Health Practitioners

Thalamos, a bespoke software solution, is digitising the Mental Health Act (MHA). Their reactive web application allows clinicians to complete MHA paperwork digitally, across any device, in any location. 

With increased pressure on mental health services as a result of COVID-19, Thalamos is responding to new emergency Mental Health Act legislation by accelerating new features and functions of their mobile application for social workers and doctors. 

The temporary emergency legislation means that one doctor, rather than two, can sign off a Mental Health Act assessment. These measures have been introduced because the government is concerned that COVID-19 will reduce the number of mental health professionals available to help people whose mental health places them at risk. 

The Mindwave team, as Thalamos’ tech partner, are working flat out to accelerate development of new features for the application in response to these changes. These features, include new Forms and new log-in profiles designed to support all practitioners involved with the Mental Health Act.

These new features will not only support mental health practitioners to undertake their work more efficiently, they will afford a degree of social distancing, in so far as digital notes can be transferred safely to the hospital, rather than by the practitioner having to deliver them in person. By making these changes, we hope to decrease the pressure on services and make life easier for doctors and social workers. 

*This blog was written by Dr Victoria Betton, Chief Innovation Officer at Mindwave and published here originally by TechUK on 23rd March 2020.

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