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Putting Digital Transformation into Action: Housing Association Perspective

Yarlington Housing Group's Executive Director of Service and Transformation, Sam Leigh, shares an insight into the Group's experience of developing a successful digital transformation strategy.

At Yarlington the customer is at the heart of everything we do and to better meet their needs, in April 2017 we launched our corporate strategy Next-Gen.

To make Next-Gen a reality, I led Yarlington through service transformation, consulting and engaging with customers and staff to deliver a cultural shift across the business to establish new ways of working that better reflect the needs of our customers.

A big part of transformation meant going digital and in September 2017 we launched My Yarlington.

My Yarlington provides customers the freedom and flexibility to manage their account, access our services and keep in touch with us 24/7. It also enables customers to consult with us, feedback on our services and raise any concerns. To date, over 7,500 customers use My Yarlington and we continue to add more features.

To support customers make the digital shift, we provide bespoke access through free workshops, 1-1 training, loaned devices and have a digi-bar at head office where colleagues are on hand to support.

Not only has My Yarlington provided our customers with a more efficient and effective service but the funds saved through digital transactions are reinvested back into our communities and into building more affordable homes for present and future customers of Yarlington.

To effectively deliver our digital services and improve customer experience, I collaborated with all staff at Yarlington to re-design our operating model putting the right people and processes in place to be successful.

As part of the model we created Customer, Communities and Enterprise (CCE). CCE not only delivers great customer service but works in partnership with our customers, giving them the opportunity to shape the way we work, reach their potential and build communities. We have dedicated community partners who work with their community leaders to listen and respond to local needs.

Within CCE, sits Yarlington Experience, a dedicated platform to be open, transparent and accountable to our customers whilst ensuring they have a say in what we do.

Yarlington Experience enables us to consult on proposed changes, allow customers to scrutinise our services, communicate news, provide a safe space to share ideas and efficiently handle our complaints and feedback to improve the way we work.

As we continue to develop our digital services and implement the operating model, we look forward to working with our customers to deliver the best service and experience possible.


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