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What is the Future of Housing?

The past few years we have been living through the Covid-19 pandemic but the housing crisis in the UK has not disappeared. The conference will be uniting housing leaders from across the public sector to examine the latest funding, policy and technological advances. As well as how to tackle long-standing issues of: quality, safety, affordability, sustainability and equality in housing supply.

Ahead of the Future of Housing Conference on 26th of April at etc. venues St Pauls, we speak with housing leaders from across the UK to ask them what they think the Future of Housing is. 

Elspeth Mackenzie

Elspeth Mackenzie, Chief Executive at Thrive Homes says 

"We’ve developed an understanding that affordable housing is part of the wider market that includes sale and market rent and accepted this – it widens the range of options that enable people to have a decent place to live and the security that enables them to live their lives.

Our customers see themselves as that and are able to hold providers to account for the products and  services that we’ve said we will provide

Wider society including government respects/ supports what we can do without expecting the sector to provide all of the answers"

Ian McDermott    Ian McDermott, Chief Executive at Peabody says 
"Big, complex challenges demand clarity of thought and a vision for the future. As a sector, we often talk about the confluence of major challenges around building safety and decarbonisation, quality of services, and the supply of new affordable rented homes.
I want to talk about solutions, and the real opportunity now to deliver fundamental and long-lasting change for the benefit of all our customers, old and new. With neighbourhoods that are increasingly complex in terms of ownership, use and management, we need the talent, skills and drive to provide excellent, responsive services and great quality homes that are safe, secure and sustainable.
In delivering this, and through digitalisation of our information, innovation, and new connections, I think the Not-for-Profit housing sector can be at the heart of the UK’s social and economic recovery from the pandemic. I’m looking forward to talking about the journey towards this future of housing on 26 April."

Clare Miller

Clare Miller, Chief Executive at Clarion Housing Groups says 
"Clarion has ambitious goals to deliver all of its new housing as low-carbon by 2025, ensuring that at least 75% of all build materials are responsibly sourced by this time. We have set a clear development roadmap which paves a journey to deliver new homes fit for the future and which move away from fossil fuel heating systems."

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Matthew Bailes


  Matthew Bailes, Group Chief Executive of Paradigm Housing Group says

"The Housing Association model is rightly considered to be one of the most successful public-private partnerships in Europe. A combination of index-linked rents, housing benefit support, capital subsidy and effective regulation has to date leveraged in £80bn of private finance to support investment in new and existing homes."

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Join us on 26th April at etc. venues St Pauls, to hear from industry leaders and housing professionals from across the UK. Complimentary passes are available for Housing Associations and early bird rates are available for the public sector.

Future of Housing