ON-DEMAND DISCUSSION WEBINAR: Supporting Disadvantaged Pupils Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Ahead of this year's National Pupil Premium Conference, and the first in a series of webinars exploring support for disadvantaged pupils during this time of COVID-19, Sonia Blandford, Founder and CEO of Achievement for All, and Tony McAleavy, Research Director at Education Development Trust, joined IG Schools to discuss how the COVID-19 lockdown period has impacted disadvantaged children and young people, and what help is needed to help them catch-up on the lost learning time.

This discussion webinar is a must-watch for any school leader, teacher or practitioner working with disadvantaged children and young people and looking to develop strategies for effective learning activities through the summer and into the next academic year.

Watch or listen now for practical tips and guidance, and further resources, plus lessons learned from how countries around the world have reached out to disadvantaged pupils in recent months.



Additional resources for school leaders, teachers, and other education practitioners


Read the Key Takeaways from the Discussion 

Achievement for All Resource Summary

Achievement for All Core Strength for Families 

Narrowing the Attainment Gap: 5 Priorities for SEND Pupils

Narrowing the Attainment Gap: 8 Insights to Help You Improve Your Strategy

Research by Education Development Trust (EDT)

EDT Research for the EdTech Hub on COVID-19

This EDT research bundle includes the following key topics:

World Bank - Education and COVID-19


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If you'd like to learn more about effectively supporting disadvantaged pupils, utilising funding including Pupil Premium allocations and the government's £650 million catch-up funding for schools, as well as how the National Tutoring Programme will work, join us at this year's Pupil Premium Conference to hear from the Department for Education, Achievement for All, The Tutoring Association, and more experts sharing advice and best practice.

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