ON-DEMAND EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: How is the Oak National Academy Supporting Disadvantaged Pupils?

Ahead of this year's National Pupil Premium Conference, which will explore how the COVID-19 period has impacted the least advantaged children and young people, and how catch-up efforts can be most effective, Ian Bauckham CBE, Chair of the Oak National Academy, spoke to IG Schools in the latest Discussion Webinar about the establishment of the Oak National Academy. Ian explored how the Academy is helping teachers and school leaders effectively support less advantaged pupils, and what the Oak National Academy is planning for the next academic year.

Ian provides insight into how the resources provided by the Academy are being used, and by who, as well as how effective data collection at key points during the online lessons is helping to get an understanding of how pupils are feeling about the work, and how much they are actually learning.

In addition to sharing how schools should make best use of the online lessons through the summer and the next academic year, Ian provides insight into the role of the Academy in supporting disadvantaged pupils, the curriculum, and how teachers and school leaders should be planning to use these resources from September to supporting catch-up and ongoing learning.



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If you'd like to learn more about effectively supporting disadvantaged pupils, utilising funding including Pupil Premium allocations and the government's £650 million catch-up funding for schools, as well as how the National Tutoring Programme will work, join us at this year's Pupil Premium Conference to hear from the Department for Education, Achievement for All, The Tutoring Association, and more experts sharing advice and best practice.

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