Training Courses To Attend To Support Pupil Wellbeing and Safety

Safeguarding training for teachers can create better working environments, build on the strengths you already have and identify areas that need reviewing. Whether you’re in the early stages of your career or you’re very experienced - making the effort to develop upon your skills is a wise choice. It will enhance your ability to effectively safeguard children and young people. 

Here are the upcoming courses Inside Government has available that you can use to further your safeguarding skills.

Why Should You Invest in Safeguarding Training Course?

In an ever-changing world, remaining competent in your teaching profession is important. With new ideas, new technology and evolving social environments, it means you have to make a conscious effort to continue your training in order to combat safeguarding issues. In the realm of education, it’s all the more crucial to remain able to provide the proper care and support that students, children and young people deserve.

Training courses, forums and events ensure you’re keeping pace with the standards and changes associated within your field. Within an educational framework, it means you can further enhance the experience and safety of children and young people, especially those who are at risk of abuse or maltreatment. 

So what are some examples of the courses Inside Government have to aid in the safeguarding abilities of teachers?

Safeguarding Training For Teachers

1. Supporting Independent School Pupil’s Mental Wellbeing

Cases of mental health issues amongst children and young people are on the rise, meaning that it’s increasingly important that schools develop the knowledge and capacity to support those affected. Positive mental health is crucial for people within their formative years and so it’s a core responsibility for schools to promote it and work to prevent the further rise of cases.

This course is designed to help you assess the challenges of mental health within your institution, teach you how to promote a positive educational environment and how to identify mental health issues. You will also discover how to reduce the symptoms of issues such as anxiety and depression as well as learn how to respond to self-harm and eating disorders.

The one-day course is taught interactively and covers the ISI inspection framework. Ultimately, you’ll be able to develop a personalised action plan for your institution and begin working more efficiently when it comes to combatting mental health issues. 

Explore more information on this course here.

2. Child Mental Health: Raising Standards of Provision and Care in Schools

Our course on raising standards of provision and care in school environments will provide you with the most up-to-date knowledge on student mental health. It will give you a unique opportunity to gain insight from the experts. 

According to the Mental Health Foundation, mental health problems affect approximately 1 in 8 children and young people, aged from five to nineteen. 90% of school leaders have reported increases in the amount of students experiencing stress or anxiety over the last five years. As 50% of mental health issues start by the age of 14, the role of schools in supporting the mental health of pupils is crucial.

This event is coming soon.

3. Delivering Outstanding PSHE in Education

This event is focused around providing the opportunity to examine both innovative and effective PSHE teaching and learning techniques. PSHE is a key subject where safeguarding-related issues are taught, which makes it an incredibly significant subject for teachers. 

Through best practice case studies, attendees will discuss how to implement practical online safety PSHE toolkits and design effective PSHE curricula before the September 2020 deadline. They’ll also use data to deliver outstanding PSHE teaching.

Furthermore, participants will be able to learn from the PSHE Association, Ofsted and the Sex Education Forum, coming away with effective practical ways for teaching PSHE and RSE in an inclusive, non-discriminatory fashion. This forum is designed for primary and secondary schools and applies to all types of teaching positions.

Explore more information on this course here. 

4. Tackling Child Exploitation Conference

Held in May, this annual conference will give practical insights into the effective prevention, identification and solutions to child sexual exploitation across the UK. This conference is designed for local authorities, schools, police and charities. 

Delegates will assess, through policy update training and best practice sessions, how to develop upon current multi-agency responses to children and young people who are at risk of or are experiencing sexual exploitation. It will also aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of sexual exploitation amongst children, young people and adults.

Explore more information on this course here.

Exploring Events for Primary and Secondary

The above are just some of the listed events and training that Inside Government has to offer. For further information on the events and training available, follow the below links:

Professional development is important when it comes to safeguarding children, providing them with a safe space to continue to develop. On top of these courses, we’re also offering a free tool to aid you in your development of effective safeguarding practices. Read on to find out more.

Download the Safeguarding Handbook

The Safeguarding Handbook covers the key information when it comes to the creation, promotion and maintenance of a safe and protective environment for children. It explains areas such as the legalities and responsibilities of a school, what to do during disclosure and the signs of abuse and maltreatment you should be vigilant with.

If you’re looking to enhance your working knowledge of safeguarding and the escalation process, click the link below to download the guide.

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