12 Safeguarding Refresher Courses and Resources

Safeguarding is a complex and yet crucial part of any educational organisation. While you may already have a good working knowledge of safeguarding within an educational setting, it’s worthwhile to keep up-to-date with changes and improvements to both policies and practices. 

Explore the links below to find the right safeguarding refresher resource for you.

Inside Government Training

Inside Government holds dedicated training sessions for both new safeguarding practitioners and those already well-versed in current policies. 

Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation Conference

This conference is aimed at exploring the leading solutions and practical insights into tackling, preventing and the effective identification of child sexual exploitation. 

The delegates involved will be able to, through practical sessions, educational panels and policy updates, assess and enhance the current multi-agency responses to sexual exploitation. They will also develop a well-rounded and intuitive understanding of CSE amongst both children, young people and adults.

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Looked After Children and Care Leavers: Improving the Quality of Care and Education

Taking the form of a forum, this event will provide delegates to discuss and discover ways in which children and care leavers can be supported.

Participants will hear from organisations such as the Department for Education, Local Government Association, All Party Parliamentary Group for Looked After Children and Care Leavers and The Fostering Network on ensuring that effective support is being provided.

Effective strategies will be learned through best practice case studies in order to improve the care and education that children and care leavers receive. Overall, learning these important skills will help those in question to reach their full potential.

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Inside Government Safeguarding Resources

We’ve compiled a number of relevant and helpful blogs and resources that you can explore to expand your knowledge on safeguarding policies and practices. 

5 Steps to Effective Safeguarding

Inside this blog, we explore extremely high-level safeguarding practices and the steps to achieve them. You’ll find a number of different examples which detail what can be implemented and how. 

Read here.

All You Need To Know About Safeguarding In Schools

Explore a short history of safeguarding within schools and how it has changed over time. You’ll also discover how to implement certain practices for yourself and what their roles are within an educational setting. 

Read here.

Safeguarding in Schools: The Checklist

In this detailed guide, you’ll find all the practices a school needs to follow to promote a safe and secure environment for children.

It covers items such as security systems, on-site guest protocol, private information and how to prevent bullying.

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Raising Safeguarding Alerts: Who, Why and How?

From what the procedure is to how to go about raising an alert, this blog covers everything you need to know about raising safeguarding alerts and why they're so important.

Find out everything you need to know by having a read of the blog for yourself.

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How to Guide: Sharing Information for Safeguarding

The guide discusses the sharing of information and the protocols for approaching a disclosure. It’s an in-depth guide that’s covered in three parts.

The guide covers how to prepare for a disclosure, what to during one and the steps afterwards.

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What Are the National Policies for Safeguarding?

There are several national policies currently in place for effective safeguarding. Each policy is unique and has a specific roadmap to what they’re intended to achieve. 

Explore this blog to find out about each of them.

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What Is the Role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)?

A Designated Safeguarding Lead is an important part of any organisation but is crucial within the ranks of an education or care provider. 

Learn all about the role of a DSL, the key responsibilities and also how to become one.

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Online Safety Strategies for Safeguarding Pupils

As technology involves, online safety becomes more and more paramount.

Find out more about different online safety strategies you could implement in this blog. 

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The Safeguarding Handbook

This is our detailed resource on all up-to-date aspects surrounding safeguarding. It covers:

  • Safeguarding and child protection in schools.
  • Legalities and responsibilities.
  • Disclosure procedures and advice.
  • Signs of maltreatment.
  • Advice on escalation.
  • The six principles of safeguarding.

This guide is the perfect companion to any level of safeguarding practitioner and offers in-depth, actionable advice to utilise when confronted by safeguarding issues.

Find out more about the handbook by clicking here

However, there’s more to safeguarding than reading resources. You need to get hands-on practice and expert advice for a truly effective approach to safeguarding. 

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