2021 Exams and Assessments Webinar: Updates and Insights from CIEA's Mick Walker

Following a number of government updates around plans for exams and assessments this year, at IG Schools we have worked with leaders and practitioners in the sector to offer comments and best practice that can help teachers and school leaders during this uncertain time.

In our most recent webinar on this topic, Mick Walker, Vice President of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors, considers what the latest changes to plans for the 2021 assessment period mean for pupils and staff alike, and highlights the importance of colleagues across the sector responding to the current government consultation on alternatives to exams this year. 
Acknowledging that a 'plan B' would have ideally been developed sooner, Mick feels this is a crucial time for practitioners to express their thoughts on what can, and should, be done to prepare for upcoming assessments. With disadvantaged pupils in particular needing a fair and robust approach to grading, Mick explores what teacher assessments might look like and how to utilise teachers' professional judgement. 
Considering the pros and cons of providing schools with papers produced by exam boards this year, and the options for internal and external quality control and assurance, Mick outlines the need for assessments to set standards of education. In addition, demonstrating a robust system is in place holds importance for the appeals process, which is another aspect of this debate that Mick shares insights around in terms of what this means for schools, staff, parents and pupils.
This webinar from Mick also considers the impact of disruption on staff workload, and what the latest conversation around exams and assessments mean for this - and, importantly, remembering that staff are having to grapple with changes while at the same time navigating the wider concerns around COVID-19 that parents, pupils and wider society are also suffering. 
Concluding with tips and advice for school leaders to implement ahead of further anticipated updates in coming months, Mick also shares the resources that have been developed by the CIEA for schools to use now, in order to ensure the best support possible for pupils. 
Urging the sector to join together to share best practice, ideas for what works, and evidence-based research, Mick conveys the importance of a collaborative approach to this current crisis.
This summary was written by Lauren Powell, Head of Portfolio, IG Schools
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