Closing the Attainment Gap in your School: The benefits of an interactive virtual training

Unsure whether you should attend our upcoming virtual Implementing Effective Pupil Catch-Up Strategies to Close the Attainment Gap training on 31st March?

Here's everything you need to know to help you decide...

  1. Share challenges and solutions with your peers from across the education sector

    Through interactive break-out rooms, you will have a unique opportunity to work in small groups and share the challenges you've faced recently in relation to engagement and attainment, discuss what's working (and what's not) in different school settings across the UK, and strategise solutions for improving attainment together.

  2. Learn how you can access and utilise a part of the Government's catch-up funding

    To help improve catch-up efforts, the government announced £1 billion of funding to support schools back in November, with a further £300 million of 'new money' to cover catch-up tutoring costs announced in January of this year.

    Join us on 31st March and explore the ways this funding is already helping to deliver catch-up activities, discuss methods for utilising funding to improve intervention in your school, and budget for the ongoing future support required to close the attainment gap.

  3. Engage directly with expert trainer Daniel Sobel, Founder and Lead Consultant, Inclusion Expert

    Daniel Sobel, Founder and Lead Consultant of Inclusion Expert, is an internationally respected leader in inclusive education having advised the Department for Education, the European Union and governments abroad.

    Throughout the day, Daniel will share key principles of narrowing the attainment gap and will draw on experience and expertise from working with over 2,000 schools, sharing ‘what works’ for pupils in different contexts.

    This is alongside a dedicated solutions-drive session, whereby delegates will be invited to pose their questions and concerns to Daniel, who will help work through challenges around closing the attainment gap, and then offer solutions around enhancing inclusion and delivering targeted interventions.

  4. Explore how to recover from learning loss following COVID-19

    According to a December report by the Education Policy Institute (EPI), pupils in disadvantaged, with lower GCSE rates prior to the pandemic losing out on around 10 days of face-to-face learning.

    At this virtual training day, you will have the chance to engage with best-practice methods for improving catch-up provisions, better supporting pupils in school, and with remote learning, and developing core subject knowledge.

  5. Make sure you're ready for the 2021 assessment period

    For a second year running, the exam and assessment period will be disrupted. Therefore it's important that you can effectively prepare pupils, especially those who might have suffered from substantial learning loss.
    At this event you will also have the opportunity to explore how to confidently get ready for 2021 assessment season, as well as gain insight into how you can make use of the National Tutoring Programme to help with these efforts.


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This article was written by Liberty Smith, IG Schools.