ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: NFER Examine Schools' Responses to COVID-19

Ahead of the 2020 Pupil Premium Conference, in this IG Schools Discussion Webinar we were joined by Angela Donkin, Chief Social Scientist at NFER, to examine the latest research published by NFER on schools' responses to COVID-19.

In an insightful and wide-ranging conversation, we discussed the changing needs of teachers, the impact of this year on disadvantaged pupils, and how the findings can help school leaders prepare for this next academic year. With guidance and practical recommendations from Angela, this conversation is supported by detailed research which you can find more information on below. 


NFER COVID-19 Research Reports and Further Resources 

Schools' responses to Covid-19 The challenges facing schools and pupils in September 2020

Home learning during Covid-19: Findings from the Understanding Society Longitudinal Study

Schools' responses to Covid-19: Job satisfaction and workload of teachers and senior leaders

Schools' responses to Covid-19: pupil engagement in remote learning

Schools’ responses to Covid-19: Returning pupils to school

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