Working from home: 6 Top Tips to Increase Productivity

Wondering how you can maximize your time whilst working from home? Inside Government have compiled these top tips to help you work remotely. 

With more and more companies moving towards ‘working from home’, for many this is simply the new norm. But for those of us who have had to adapt to this new way of working quickly, it might be hard to imagine how your new daily routine will look. 

Therefore, we have compiled the best tips and advice to help ease this transition into a new way of working: 

  1. Get up, dressed, and ready to tackle the day:  

    It’s easy to get distracted whist working from home so the sooner you get into a proactive mindset, the better! Following your daily routine and accomplishing small, simple tasks such as getting showered and making your bed starts your day off right and will increase productivity; it provides fulfillment and encourages you to complete more tasks throughout the day

  2. Create a comfortable working environment away from your living space: 

    If you can, keep your ‘work’ space and your ‘living’ space separate to avoid boundaries being blurred and minimize distractions. Make sure your computer is set up correctly and that you have a comfortable, supportive chair to reduce backache or eye strain. Having enough space around you is also important so you can spread out without anything get misplaced.

  3. Communicate expectations with flat-mates and families: 

    In lieu of the above, just because you are home, it still means you need to work. Make sure this is clear to anyone else who may be in your house to avoid disruptions throughout the day; being able to work in a space that will really allow you to focus is key.

  4. Plan your day and be clear about working hours: 

    Once you have the perfect working environment, it’s important to be clear exactly what you want to achieve that day/week. Maintaining a routine that you can stick to is not only important in ensuring you stay on track with your work and goals, but to benefit your mental health; it’s important not to overwork and planned breaks should well and truly be factored into your day

  5. Therefore, take the breaks you have planned to take... 

    This is an important part of working for home as it allows you to take a step back from your computer, rest your eyes, re-hydrate and also engage in some conversation; no-one is productive when cooped up in the same room staring at the same screen for hours and hours on end. Fresh eyes and a quick chat with your family, partner or co-worker will make the world of difference.

  6. Communicate:  

    Although working remotely might give you the opportunity to focus on your own tasks, it’s important to remember how your individual work is contributing to the wider team’s agenda and/or overall company goals. Utilize the technology available to you, such as instant messaging apps and video calls to take meetings with co-workers, re-align priorities and ensure you are still on track. 


This blog post was written by Liberty Smith, Marketing Manager